Samsung Employees Caught Leaking Data to ChatGPT

The transfer of sensitive data to the ChatGPT chatbot by Samsung employees caused a crisis within the company. Investigation initiated while restricting ChatGPT access.

The excessive interest in artificial intelligence chatbots in particular ChatGPT inevitably causes people to ask some questions to the robots, even if it is prohibited. Since he uses the questions asked to him for educational purposes, the information given may contain risks.

Data leak crisis at Samsung

According to the information received, 3 engineers working in the Samsung LSI semiconductor department gave some information to the ChatGPT bot in good faith. It is stated that an engineer had the ChatGPT bot search for sensitive database codes for errors. While the other engineer was optimizing the codes, the third asked him to record the minutes of a meeting.

As the incident came to light, Samsung launched an investigation and limited employee access to the ChatGPT bot to one Kb or 1024 text characters. It is also stated that he developed his own chat robot to protect himself from such situations.

OpenAI also definitely wants sensitive data not to be shared with ChatGPT, since artificial intelligence trains itself using this data, so it may be presented to an unrelated user during another chat in the future.

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