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Residence Permit in Turkey for Treatment Purposes

Many foreigners come to Turkey for using healthcare service and get treatment for short or long period of time. At first, foreigners come to Turkey on evisa or without visa which allows them to stay here for maximum up to 3 months.

In order to stay in Turkey legally for longer period of time in case if visa is not sufficient for medical care, you as a patient have a right to apply for short term residence permit for treatment purposes. In this case, foreigner needs to apply for residence permit while his/her visa is still valid by filling the form online at the immigration system and get an appointment date at the Immigration Office. By getting an appointment date  within the validity of  visa foreigner may stay here legally untill randezvous even if his/her visa is expired. Please be informed that in such touristic places as Istanbul, Antalia and Izmir the appointment date is given in a 1-2 months.

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After getting an appointment date, patient should prepare the list of the documents which should be submited on appointment date as;

  1. Application form, which will be available after filling form online at
  2. Passport copy
  3. E-visa or copy of the entry stamp (for free visa citizens)
  4. 4 biometric photos
  5. Valid private health insurance ( the quote of policy could be found here)
  6. Proof of local residential address as:

A)Notorized rental contract in case if patient rent an apartment

B) Signed and stamped supportive document from hospital if patient is staying at the hospital

C)Notarized letter of undertaking from a host if the patient is staying in a 3rd person’s (Turkish citizen) residence ( if a host is married, notary letter of undertaking should be from the spouse of the host as well)

  1. Document showing the duration of treatment, which must be signed by head physician and a physician and sealed/stamped.
  2. Bank statement from abroad or from the local bank account.
  3. Receipt of residence permit fee. The fee depends on the applicant’s country of origin.

Moreover, care takers of the patient are able to get residence permit for this period of time as well. In case if the patient is child, then parents are able to get short term touristic residence permit for taking care after the child ( patient) for the treatment period. However, Immigration officer will request for an Appostilled birth certificated, which should have notary approved Turkish translation. If applicant’s country is not among 8/9 Apostille convention, birth certificate must be legalized by the state’s Consulate in Turkey and approved by the Ministry of Foreing Affairs in Turkey.

If  as a care taker of the minor child will be presented only one parent in Turkey, other parent should provide an Apostilled parental consent declaration and have notary public approved Turkish translation

If the care taker is a spouse, marriage certificate as an evidence should be submitted to the Immigration Office together with other required documents. Please be informed that if this marriage certificate obtained from other than Turkish authorities, it must be Apostilled and has notary public approved Turkish translation. If applicant’s country is not among 8/9 Apostille convention, marriage certificate must be legalized by the state’s Consulate in Turkey and approved by the Ministry of Foreing Affairs in Turkey.

If you have any questions or need any assistance in short term residence permit for treatment purpose,  please feel free to contact us via

Ata Kurumsal

Ata Institutional Consulting is a leading consultancy company in its field, with expert personnel, with 12 years of experience, providing residence permit, work permit, Turkish citizenship consultancy and corporate consultancy services to foreigners. Ata Instiutional Consultancy


  1. Hi
    What are the requirment of short term Resident permit.
    Hw much is fees of Resident permit for iranians.
    Family of 3.
    Kindly reply.
    thank you

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your comment.

      In order to apply for residence permit, you need to have valid health insurance within Turkey, be capable of proving your income from abroad and buy o rent a flat in Turkey. Governmental fee for one year residence permit is 80 USD. If you want, our company would be glad to assist you throughout the residence permit application procedures.

      Kind regards,

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  2. Hey Marhaba ! Umair is here from pakistan i want to apply for resident permission in turkey what is the procedure and how much it will be costed

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your comment.

      First of all, you need to apply for visa to Turkey and after you arrive here, you can apply for Residence Permit. For the application you will need to rent or buy a flat in Turkey and also prove that you have at least 500 USD for each month of your stay. İf you want, our company will assist you during whole application process. The cost of our services is 900 TL plus health insurance costs.

      Kind Regards

  3. hey salam!
    i am a doctor from pakistan just completed my house job and cleared my fcps part 1 which is equivalent to tus in turkey i want to apply for training in turkey how can u guide me or help me in this regard.
    p.s i need training in orthppedics surgery.

    1. Dear Mr Faryal,

      Thank you for your comment
      Unfortunately, We do not know where you could take the course of orthopedics surgery. However, if you find the training that is right for you, we’ll be happy to assist you with the process of getting the a resident permission in Turkey.

      Kind Regards

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