How is the Treatment Procedure for Foreigners in Turkey?

As it is known, the world is living in a period of struggle with the Coronavirus epidemic. Spreading rapidly from day to day and taking vital measures many countries, including Turkey, due to this disease that killed many people in the country and citizens resorting to measures aimed at protecting the health of foreigners. During the pandemic period, there are concerns about how and to what extent foreigners can benefit from health services in their countries. But to give an example from Turkey, meeting in its territory, fairs, business travel for the purpose of arriving foreigners such as congresses, foreigners located for tourism in Turkey or who are unfamiliar with a residence permit Covid-19, they can get benefit from the public and private health services, provided that the certain conditions the scope of the epidemic.

In case foreigners have Travel Health Insurance and the policy coverage specified in this insurance includes epidemic diseases such as Covid-19, it is possible to benefit from health services provided that they remain within the policy limits. Foreigners, commercial or tourism purposes at the time they were captured in Turkey, Coronavirus cases where public or private health institutions in universities can apply unconditionally and without waiting and benefit from health services. Health services and treatments provided within the scope of the pandemic are considered as emergency intervention and care. Service fee is collected from foreign patients after emergency intervention and care is provided.

Why is Insurance Important ?

Foreigners can make the Covidien-19 treatment within policy limits coverage in case of epidemics of policy coverage in all health institutions in Turkey. As it is known, the Covid-19 outbreak was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization and included in the scope of epidemic diseases. In some cases, epidemics are not covered by the policy. In order to find out, it should be checked whether the clause “Epidemic” is included in the “Outside the Coverage” section of the health insurance policy.

Not only for the treatment of Covid-19, foreigners found to be having any of the type of residence permit in Turkey to benefit from all other health services, to cover the period of time they will spend in the country must have a health insurance. Otherwise, it is not possible to issue a residence permit to foreigners. In addition, if the health insurance of those who have a residence permit expires, their residence permit is directly canceled. Foreigners can also have General Health Insurance like Private Health Insurance. Foreigners must meet certain conditions in order to have general health insurance.

Things to Know About Insurance Conditions

If the foreigners have “General Health Insurance”, they can get treatment for Covid-19 easily in Turkey. It is possible for foreigners to apply for General Health Insurance if they meet certain conditions. The Ministry of Internal Affairs declared that foreigners who are not insured for any reason in another country who have obtained a residence permit can apply for General Health Insurance in Turkey. However, the ministry also declared that foreigners have resided less than a year in Turkey, they could not apply to the General Health Insurance. On the other hand, it is possible for foreigners, whose Private Health Insurance policy does not cover epidemic diseases, to switch to General Health Insurance. The treatment of foreigners under the General Health Insurance for epidemic diseases is provided free of charge.

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