Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Won’t Tire You Out Anymore: Posting Stories to Instagram Gets Easier!

Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Won’t Tire You Out Anymore: Posting Stories to Instagram Gets Easier!

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have now added many features that support uploading photos directly to Instagram stories. Here are the details!

Now it’s even easier to share your memories on Instagram Stories without taking your phone out of your pocket. Meta brings a brand new update to the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, expanding their hands-free capabilities.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Instagram Story Sharing

“Hey Meta”, the new feature coming to Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, makes it very easy to share moments on Instagram. If we talk about the use of the feature, it will be enough to say “Hey Meta, share my last photo on Instagram” to share the photos you have already taken.

Ray-Ban Meta

Or, if you want to be spontaneous, you can say “Hey Meta, send a photo to Instagram” and instantly share that moment as a story. This command seems very useful for stories that you want to share with your followers in real time, instantly and without editing.

Not only that, you can now carry your favorite music with you at all times and start playing it without blinking an eye. With the new integration of your smart glasses, all your songs from Amazon Music are at your fingertips. Just say “Hey Meta, play Amazon Music” and instantly start enjoying music through your glasses’ open-ear audio system.

Finally, Meta has also added the ability to make hands-free video calls with WhatsApp and Messenger. All these features are being rolled out gradually, so that all users will soon have access to them.

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