Race Car Flying Faster Than Ferrari

Flying cars are now real and will soon even have their own racing series. Airspeeder MK4, which resembles the flying form of Formula 1 vehicles, is almost challenging with its high speed.

While we were making the flying car news, we had overlooked that a phenomenon that did not come to our minds was actually very close: Flying race cars. That’s exactly what we’re getting with the Airspeeder MK4, developed by South Australia-based Alauda Aeronautics.

Like a flying F1 car

Alauda Aeronautics describes the vehicle they announced as the world’s fastest hydrogen electric “Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft”. Airspeeder MK4, the single-seater electric flying race car, can reach speeds of 360 km/h, confirming the company’s “fastest” statement. The vehicle, which can reach top speed in just 30 seconds after takeoff, weighs only 950 kg. This high thrust is provided by the 1,340 hp ‘Thunderstrike Hydrogen Turbogenerator’. The range of the vehicle is 300 kilometers, which is quite impressive considering its high speed.

Race Car Flying

Races start soon.

The company’s CEO, Matt Pearson, has a great desire for flying cars to compete and everyone to have access to them. In this regard, Person said, “When we can sell you a flying car for the same price as a Tesla, you’ll see the balance shift rapidly. Today, private cars are about 300 times more numerous than taxis, so the potential for people to own and use their own flying cars is absolutely huge.” uses expressions.

On the other hand, according to the company, the first crewed flying car races will start in 2024. It is even reported that races were held in a remotely controlled manner last October without any accident.

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