PS5 Sales Continue to Break Records

PlayStation 5 remains the best-selling console of 2023 in the US. While smiling faces at Sony, new sales records are broken and together with hardware sales, game sales are also strong.

PlayStation 5 sales in the United States have outstripped PS4 sales over time. This means that Sony’s PS5 console has sold more units on the market than the PS4 in the same period. PS5 sales aren’t likely to slow, according to data provided by Circana (formerly NPD Group) video games analyst Mat Piscatella.

Sony Satisfied With PS5

In the company’s latest monthly sales report released Wednesday, Piscatella compared the PS4 and PS5’s first 29 months on the market. During this time, PS5 sales managed to surpass the older generation. According to the shared, PS5 sold more units and generated more sales revenue than any other platform in March 2023. While the exact numbers are not disclosed, sales are reported to have exceeded 620,000 units, marking a new month of Mary record. The PS5 was also the model with the most units selling and generating the most revenue in the first quarter of 2023 (January – March 2023). PlayStation 5’s contribution to Sony in the first quarter increased by 21 percent compared to the same quarter of the previous year ($1.24 billion), to $1.45 billion this quarter. Sony is also waiting for an official record to be broken.

When we turn the lenses to Europe, the numbers get bigger. Of course, Europe’s console industry isn’t as big as the US, but the trends here are important for us to get a clear idea of ​​quarterly results. According to reports, the PS5 sold 570,000 units in Europe in March, an increase of 67 percent. According to reports, in the first quarter of the year, PS5 sales increased by 369 percent on an annual basis. In the first quarter of the year, 1.5 million consoles were sold in Europe with an increase of 41 percent.

Sony has sold 32 million PlayStation 5 consoles globally as of December 2022. The PS5 also helped Sony generate a record-breaking $3.1 billion in hardware sales revenue during the critical holiday period of 2022. Sony will publish its fiscal year results soon. Therefore, PS5 console sales figures will be announced soon and we will have reached global figures.

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