Professor Celal Sengor Announced the Districts with the Strongest Structure in Istanbul

Thousands of people lost their lives in 3 earthquakes in Kahramanmaras and Hatay. After the disaster that caused great destruction, the great Istanbul earthquake is among the most talked about topics. Earthquake experts are warning about an earthquake that will affect Istanbul and the surrounding provinces. The last warning is geoscientist Prof. Dr. It came from Celal Sengor. Şengör counted the districts of Istanbul one by one with solid ground.

After two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, which affected 11 provinces, two more earthquakes in Hatay occurred. After the 6.4 magnitude earthquake centered in Defne, a 5.8 earthquake occurred in Samandag. The earthquakes, which occurred at intervals of 3 minutes, were felt strongly in many cities.


In these days when we are trying to heal the wounds of the earthquake disaster in which tens of thousands of our people lost their lives, a remarkable evaluation came from Prof. Dr. Celal Sengor. Reiterating his warnings for a possible Istanbul earthquake, “The intensity will rise to 9 in Yesilkoy and Tuzla. It is not the magnitude, but the intensity will be felt as 9. We predict the magnitude of the earthquake as 7.6. The military schools should be moved from here. Yesilkoy’s ground is also not good. “If your house is solid in the Islands, you don’t have to worry. Since the fault is very close, it will shake the Islands tightly,” he said.


Expressing that they expected an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6, Sengor said, “It is a very strong earthquake close to the Kahramanmaras earthquake. Istanbul will be devastated from 7.6. How will you deal with the fires and openness in Istanbul after the earthquake.”


Answering the question about the ground of Fatih district, Sengor said, “The ground of Fatih district is good but close to earthquake. Now think like this: Draw a line parallel to the coast from the 1st Bridge. The south of that line is dangerous no matter where you are. These places are very close to the fault. Kadikoy, Fenerbahce , Maltepe, Kartal, Tuzla, Bakirkoy, Yesilkoy, Zeytinburnu, these are very dangerous.

Fatih, Surici -The bottom of Surici is neogene, if there are places with Bakirkoy formation, those places are crippled. Surici is in a much better condition than Avcilar. Bakirkoy, Florya, Zeytinburnu disaster. The high places of Bağcılar are like Avcilar, they are crippled.

If your building is good between the 1st and 2nd bridges, you will endure because it is solid at six. In the north, do not go to places with sandy bottoms. Hunters are constantly slipping into the sea on top of the clay layer. Küçükçekmece and Silivri are also dangerous.

Arnavutkoy stays in the north, places with sand under it are useless. Bahcelievler is not very stable. Kemerburgaz is very crippled if it’s under the sand. Let me tell you the terms; “Places with sand underneath are crippled,” he said.

Reminding that Kadikoy districts are among the most earthquake-resistant regions, Sengor replied, “I do not agree, we need to go further north.” Sengör said, “Kadikoy, Fenerbahce, Kartal and Maltepe all stay in the south and are very close to the fault.”


Mentioning the districts of Istanbul with a solid ground, Sengor said, “Beykoz, Anadolu Hisari, Bebek, Ataşsehir, Sisli, Nisantasi, Umraniye, Beyoglu are solid places. The six limestones of Beylikduzu are a solid rock.”

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  1. Hi, we are travelling to Turkey for a week. We are planning to stay in Beyoglu – based on your article does it mean it is one of the safer areas ? Thanks for your help.

  2. Thank you that was a very informative article, how would I go about getting the same information for Fethiye and Izmir? Also how can I assure that my property has been built with the correct foundations etc?

    Thank you

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