Earthquake Warning from Naci Gorur to Izmir: We Are Worried

Prof. Dr. Naci Gorur stated that he was worried about İzmir, which is located in the first degree earthquake zone, and made important warnings and made a call to the citizens.

After the Kahramanmaras-centered earthquake disaster, which was effective in 11 provinces of Turkey, business people from İzmir, who started the “Izmir is running to help” campaign, hosted earthquake expert Naci Görür.

Gör, who attended the joint ordinary assembly meeting of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, the Izmir Commodity Exchange and the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, made striking statements.


Geologist and member of the Academy of Sciences Prof. Dr. Naci Gorur said, “It is taboo not to talk about the earthquake in our country. ‘Let’s not talk, I’m afraid’, ‘Let’s not hear, let’s not lose our peace.’ Unfortunately, this strategy has been in the hands of the rulers of this country for a long time,” he said.

Görür, who stated that “We will take our boots on after an earthquake and go down to the field”, “The Turkish government is great, we will not leave anyone hungry, we will do everything, we will build temporary and permanent residences” are also wound healing literature, Gorrr said, “This is an outdated strategy. It is a strategy brought by an understanding that does not care about its people,” he said.


Noting that in modern societies that walk in the light of science and are governed by the power of science, necessary precautions are taken before an earthquake strikes and before people die, Gorur said, “In many places abroad, 5-6 people die in such earthquakes, and that is by chance. In our case, I’m ashamed to say, there are 42 thousand people at the moment, but there will be many more. I hope I am wrong,” he said.


Reminding his previous warnings about Kahramanmaras-centered earthquakes that occurred on February 6, Naci Gorur said, “This was an earthquake that shouted I’m coming. However, despite warnings, nothing was done. If it had been done, this would not have happened.”

“The time has come to take over the problems in a democratic sense,” said Gorur, “We have to do something. It’s time to take care of our own state as a nation, and to seize the problems as a nation. How? Let me tell you: The mechanism that created the earthquake has been going on for 13 million years and will continue for millions of years. Since we do not have the power to stop the earthquake and we have to live despite the earthquake, we must reduce the damage that the earthquake will cause us with the power of science and technology. It should not be destroyed, we must get through this with minimum damage. We call this new approach risk analysis. If the residential areas we live in Turkey are earthquake resistant, we will survive with the least damage. Say, ‘We don’t want to die in the earthquake,’ and open a banner,” he said.


Naci Gorur, who also made important warnings regarding İzmir, which is located in the first degree earthquake zone, continued his statements as follows:

*We have doubts about İzmir. When we say this, we do not say, ‘There will be an earthquake tomorrow, do not enter the house’. We have concerns about Izmir. From where? There are live faults. Living fault means that one day, when a recurrence period arises, it can take action and produce an earthquake.

*These faults may be triggered by faults in the surrounding area, and their stress may have increased. In the previous earthquake in Samos, a significant part of these faults were loaded. They are already a stress, they load it as time goes on. They are also loaded when stress comes from the surrounding earthquakes.


*Let’s leave the fault-earthquake debate now, Izmir is literally an earthquake city. Few cities have such an active fault system, if not today, it will certainly create an earthquake tomorrow.

*Then we will be sad. In the Samos earthquake, 117 people died at a distance of 70-80 kilometers. It is necessary to make this place earthquake resistant.


*The micro-zoning work carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the city is a very accurate work. After this study, İzmir should be made earthquake resistant under its light. Micro-zoning means knowing the nature of a city in all its details, intertwining management and nature data and managing the city in that way.

*If you don’t know the nature, geology, geophysics and topography of İzmir, you cannot manage that city or make spatial planning. Without doing this micro-zoning study, you can’t know which faults exist, what is the earthquake generation period and capacity, what is the recurrence period, how it affects where it produces. You cannot plan the city without knowing these details.


  • The work to be done in Izmir is clear. Have your houses inspected after the micro-zoning study. According to the new regulations after 1999, if the right engineering service is taken without leakage, if the ground surveys are done, those buildings will not collapse, they will not kill you, and they will allow you to survive the earthquake.
  • Force the municipality in İzmir, force the universities as a public, have their houses inspected. Let the state take care of those who do not have money, or let the municipality do it for free.


  • *If you have it inspected, you can see the behavior of your house in the earthquake.
  • Let them build few roads and few dams, but first they should ensure the safety of people. Let the disaster ministry be established, these things should be done.

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