Porsuk Stream and Islands Region, Eskisehir

porsuk stream

Porsuk Stream and the Islands Region is undoubtedly a rare example of urbanism in Turkey. This most popular visit point of Eskişehir not only attracts the attention of Turkey, but also of Europe and the world. Since Porsuk Stream and the Islands Region is the only region from Turkey that can be included in the “most livable places” lists made every year, it is one of the places you should definitely go and see.

Porsuk Stream and Islands Region

porsuk stream

Especially recently, Eskisehir has been one of the first cities that come to mind when beautiful urbanism is mentioned. Sazova Park, Odunpazarı, gardens, clean streets… In short, it is one of the places where you can live comfortably and spend a lifetime for the people it hosts. There is a point that has become the symbol of Eskisehir. This is where the Porsuk Stream and its surroundings are called the Islands Region. The Porsuk Stream, which divides the city into two and adds a bit of Venetian flair to the city, is the longest tributary of the Sakarya River.

Islands Region

porsuk stream eskisehir

As a matter of fact, the Porsuk Stream passes through many points of Eskisehir, but those beautiful photos we see everywhere were taken in the region called the Islands Region. This is a lively tourist area with Porsuk Stream, gondolas cruising on it, beautiful iron bridges and cafes around it. While visiting this city, which has managed to remain green and orderly while urbanizing, one feels as if one is going somewhere in Europe. In other words, this region is a must in your list of places to visit in Eskisehir.

Where and How to Go to Porsuk Stream?

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It is possible to reach the Porsuk Stream and the Islands Region, which is located right in the middle of Eskisehir, in a very convenient and comfortable way. With the newly built road, you can reach Eskisehir from Istanbul in 3 hours and 30 minutes, and you can even organize a day trip. For those coming from Ankara, the road is shorter. It is possible to reach Eskisehir in 2 hours and 45 minutes. In order to avoid parking problems and to enjoy the area better, we recommend that you leave your car in a parking lot close to the area and continue on foot.

Places Around Porsuk Stream

While the Porsuk Stream ripples along its length, the time passes well in the cafes set up in the middle and on both sides of the city. If you have come to Eskisehir, do not pass without stopping by this Islands Region, which is another beautiful day and evening. Whether you have a pleasant breakfast against the Porsuk Stream, then sip your tea, then take a walk or enjoy this bright and lively area, which is even busier with its student population in the evenings. The choice is yours. It should be noted that with the understanding of Eskisehir being a student city, the prices are not excessively high and the service is provided with a smiling face.

Boat Tour on Porsuk Stream

Of course, all you can do while you’re here is eat something and take a walk. There are also different activities that will add pleasure to your trip. Of course, while doing this, they did not neglect to benefit from a beauty like Porsuk Stream and bring it to tourism. If you want to add pleasure while spending time in Porsuk Stream and Islands Region, we recommend you to take a gondola tour. At least, if you are not going to go to Venice soon and buy a gondola, you should definitely try it. Boat voyages called esbot on the Porsuk Stream, which stretches from one end of the city to the other, serve both for touristic and transportation purposes. We say that the prices are not high, you should evaluate and taste this pleasure.

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