Places to Visit in Igdir, Get to Know Igdir Closely

Located at the furthest point of Turkey, Igdir welcomes many tourists every year due to its many places to visit. In this article, we talked about the most beautiful places in Igdir.

Martyr Turks Monument and Museum

This museum is located in the center of Igdir. It symbolizes the martyrs who were massacred by the Armenians in 1915-1920. This monument consists of a 350 m² indoor museum, 2 pools and 5 swords 36 m high.

It is built as a green area and park around it. It covers a total area of ​​14.000 m². Its height from the ground is 43.5 meters. Therefore, it is the highest monument in Turkey. The museum, which was opened in 1997, was put into service in 1999.

The museum also has a library. 570 books, 260 paintings (murder pictures), photographs of diplomats killed by the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA between 1973-1985 are preserved in the museum.

Stork Statue

At the first entrance to Igdir, you may encounter two gigantic Stork Statue. In Igdir, known as the city of storks, storks live here all four seasons. For this reason, it is called the city of storks. You can see storks all over the city.

Salt Caves

This cave is located in Tuzluca district. It has 55 acres of land. It is the capacity to meet the estimated salt need of Turkey for 100 years. 60 tons of salt is extracted daily. Many people with respiratory diseases come here. The caves here are good for these diseases.

Koroglu Castle

This castle is located in Tuzluca district of our province. It is 10 km from the town centre. Koroglu used this castle as a watchtower. According to legend, it was built to ensure the safety of the Aras River.

Meteor Pit

Located within the borders of Korhan Plateau of Karakoyunlu, approximately 42 km from the city center of Igdir, this pit is a large pit formed by a meteorite falling in 1892. It ranks second in the world in size and depth, after the Barringer Crater in Arizona. It is 35 meters wide and 60 meters deep. It is possible to come across worked stones around the pit. The surroundings and view of the pit is one of the places worth seeing.

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