Trans Phenomenon Arda Bektas was Attacked by Kerimcan Durmaz’s Assistant

Trans Phenomenon Arda Bektas was Attacked by Kerimcan Durmaz’s Assistant


Arda Bektas, who explained that he was subjected to violence with a post on his Instagram account, used the following statements: “I am very sorry for what I am about to share and I have to share this sad and extremely unfortunate incident with you. From the time we became friends with people like Kerimcan Durmaz and his assistant Furkan Çagman, who is in this video, to this day, I have faced mobbing, psychological violence, rumors that are not remotely related to reality and many unfair acts in many ways that you do not know. However, since my friendship with Samet was very important to me, I always underplayed, ignored and did not prolong the issues. However, in the past months, there was another polemic, our friendship with all of them ended because I always respected, loved and supported Selin Cigerci. Afterwards, I told you a little bit about what happened to me and closed the subject. I have not been in contact with any of these people for a long time. However, today I was attacked on a back street of my house on my way to work. Since I had my headphones on, I could not protect myself against Furkan Çagman, who sneaked up behind me and attacked me.”


Kerimcan Durmaz, on the other hand, did not make any statement after the accusations against him and went to Selin Cigerci. Durmaz, who shared a frame with Selin Cigerci on her Instagram account, was enough to say, “We finally met”.


Furkan Cagman, who inflicted violence on Bektas in the street, said the following in a statement on his Instagram account: “I would like to briefly inform you about the video about me today. The person you see in the video has been systematically slandering me for a long time and taking actions that will hurt my honor and pride. This situation has seriously disrupted my social environment, family and friendship relations and my psychology. Although I have not responded in any way to the posts of the person in question until today, he has persistently continued these posts targeting me and my friends.”

arda bektas

“While walking in Nisantasi with my friend Samet, I suddenly saw the person in front of me. I could not control myself with a momentary reflex and unfortunately these unpleasant images emerged. First of all, I am really sorry to be involved in such an incident. Everyone who knows me knows very well that I have never been involved in any act of violence until this age. I still apologize to everyone for being left in such a situation. I would like you to know that I will take legal action against the people who have been provoking me unjustly for a very long time, slandering and insulting me and causing this incident to happen.”

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