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Who is Kerimcan Durmaz?

Social media phenomenon, make-up artist, DJ, Singer and YouTuber Kerimcan Durmaz was born on 02.11.1994 in Akcay, Balikesir. Granny Gulsen Kelebek, mother’s name is Hulya Durmaz, is a housewife, and her father’s name is Vedat Durmaz, who is a restaurant manager. Kerimcan Durmaz has two older sisters. After graduating from high school, he went to Baku and worked as a makeup artist. Then he returned to Istanbul and started working as a DJ. Since 2015, he has become an internet celebrity in Turkey with his posts on Periscope and Snapchat.

Kerimcan Durmaz was born on November 2, 1994. 28-year-old Kerimcan Durmaz is originally from Balikesir Akçay, even though he was born in Istanbul. Kerimcan Durmaz’s main profession is make-up artist. Kerimcan Durmaz, who went to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, after high school education, is currently a DJ by profession, as well as a social media phenomenon and occasionally sings various songs. Kerimcan Durmaz became famous in 2015. Kerimcan Durmaz, who reached a high number of followers in a short time with the videos he shared on Periscope and Snapchat, which were very popular on social media for a while, maintained the same stability with his Instagram account.

Kerimcan Durmaz’s 3 brothers. One of Kerimcan Durmaz’s older sisters is named Serap Akbudak, and the other sister’s name is Nese Fisek. The magazine’s agenda brought Serap Akbudak, Kerimcan Durmaz’s older sister, to the agenda with her hijab. The sister of Kerimcan Durmaz, who defines his family as conservative, was discussed for a long time.

Kerimcan Durmaz’s other sister, Nese Fisek, is also a part of the professional business life of the famous phenomenon. He is the manager of Kerimcan Durmaz, the wife of Kerimcan Durmaz’s older sister Nese Fisek.


Kerimcan Durmaz was recognized by Turkey when he participated as a jury in the Here is My Style competition, which marked a period of time. Kerimcan Durmaz, who was the jury of Here’s My Style in the 2016-2017 period, was frequently on the agenda with the attacks he suffered.

He was subjected to violence against LGBT people and injured in a venue where he took the stage in Samsun on November 30, 2016. Durmaz was criticized by some columnists for being famous only because of his sexual orientation and for “standardizing” homosexuality.


At the beginning of his fame, Kerimcan Durmaz was also famous for the phrase ‘Your sister, my star baby’. It has become one of the frequently shared words on social media. On the other hand, Kerimcan Durmaz also has a single work called ‘hit me’.


The money he earns on social media is also among the most talked about Kerimcan Durmaz. In an interview he gave, Kerimcan Durmaz answered the question of how much his wealth was, by saying, “I don’t even know the account of my money anymore, baby. After a while, I stopped counting.”

Kerimcan without aesthetics

Kerimcan Durmaz’s Video of Masturbation On Airplane

The pornographic masturbation video of Kerimcan Durmaz taken in the toilet during a plane trip was the most talked about scandal of the famous phenomenon. After the scandalous video, which was only a few minutes left in the Instagram story, celebrities and Durmaz’s followers reacted to the sharing.

Kerimcan Durmaz made the following defense regarding the video that was removed shortly after:

“While I wanted to forward a video with inappropriate content that does not belong to me, it was shared inadvertently and unintentionally, and I apologize to everyone for this sharing. Similar to the content of this video, many inappropriate content is constantly being sent to me from different accounts. I regret to report that this video shared by mistake It shook me deeply. In this situation, which also disturbs me immensely, due to my being a victim, necessary legal and criminal measures will be taken to share the video that came as a message on social media.” Complaints were filed repeatedly for his account.

His followers and social media users, who closely follow Kerimcan Durmaz, did not believe Kerimcan Durmaz’s words ‘I am not the person in the masturbation video’. Careful followers drew attention to Kerimcan Durmaz’s wristband, which he always wears. Here is that bracelet…

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