One in Every Two iPhones Made in India is Faulty

Apple had hoped to move half of iPhone production to India by 2027, but problems that have arisen don’t let that go as planned.

According to the Financial Times, Apple faced difficulties trying to increase its production in India. One of every two iPhone cases produced in the country was found to be defective.

It is stated that only 50 percent of the iPhone cases that the Indian factory, operated by Tata Group, sent to another Apple business partner Foxconn for assembly, are OK. In other words, one out of every two iPhone cases produced in this factory does not meet Apple’s quality requirements.

Apple’s India Plans May Fail

It is also stated that the process of expanding production in India has been slow, in part due to logistics, tariff and infrastructure problems. However, the company was aiming to move half of iPhone production to India by 2027.

It is estimated that the start of iPhone 15 production in India at the same time as China could be jeopardized if Apple cannot fix the quality issues related to the cases produced in India and provide the supply.

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