Nvidia Chips Hit the Black Market Again

There is a lot of interest in the Nvidia H100 accelerator, which enables artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT to work most efficiently. So much so that it has now fallen into the black market.

During the Bitcoin mining period, a similar event is experienced on the server side, when the player graphics cards have stock shortages and fall into the black market. The AI ​​storm led to stock shortages.

Nvidia Accelerators Are Selling Out

The storm of artificial intelligence chatbots that started with ChatGPT suddenly created an area where billions of dollars were invested. In order to install advanced chatbots, manufacturers naturally turned the route to Nvidia, the sole ruler of this field.

Nvidia, which has been in high demand since the beginning of the year, announced that artificial intelligence accelerators began to have stock shortages due to heavy orders. This trouble whetted the appetite of black marketers.

The Nvidia H100, based on the Hopper architecture and shown as the most advanced accelerator for artificial intelligence, has landed on the black market. The H100 accelerator, with an initial price of around $10,000, is available on eBay for up to $40,000. The high demand from the manufacturers has skyrocketed the price.

For example, Microsoft initially invested tens of thousands of Nvidia A100 accelerators for the ChatGPT system. Some manufacturers also heavily order the Nvidia A100, but from this year, the Nvidia H100 has come to the fore. It seems that Nvidia is not ready for high demands yet.

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