Now You Can Kiss Your Lover While Away!

Now You Can Kiss Your Lover While Away!

Do you miss your distant lover? A “miraculous kissing device” was invented in China for long distance relationships. The device in question transmits your partner’s lip temperature, pressure and movements simultaneously, making you feel as if you are actually kissing them. The price of the device, which caused different reactions on social media, is 260 Chinese yuan...

Couples in love who can’t stand being apart from each other will now be able to kiss each other from afar, thanks to the strange new invention with movable silicone lips.

The device, invented in China, tries to mimic a kiss by copying the pressure, temperature and movement of a real person’s kiss.

The device needs to be paired with a mobile app that connects the user to their partner to enjoy a virtual kiss.

In order for two physically distant people to kiss, the device must be plugged into the charging port of the mobile phone.


With the silicone lips of the device, the lip movements of the person kissing are recorded with the phone via an application. The partner with the same device, on the other hand, can feel the kiss of his lover when he touches the device with his lips. In addition to the physical feeling of the kiss, the device can also transmit the sound of the user while giving the kiss to the other party.



The price of the device, which is sold as a “miracle kissing device for long distance lovers” on China’s online retail platform Taobao, is 260 Chinese yuan (about 700 lira) for a single lip kit, about 500 Chinese Yuan (about 1 thousand 350 lira a pair.), reportedly. About 100 devices are sold each month.


On the other hand, the interesting device was produced and patented by the students of Changzhou Mechatronics Technology Vocational Institute, a university in eastern China. Jiang Zhongli, the chief inventor of the design, said he is in a long-distance relationship with his college girlfriend and can only communicate with her by phone. “This is where the inspiration for this device comes from,” Jiang said. aforementioned.



Jiang also revealed that the app could also work as a dating platform. Accordingly, users can upload their simulated kisses for other people to experience and connect with the owners of the kisses they like. However, this requires the consent of both users before using the device.



On the other hand, users on the Chinese social media platform Weibo gave different reactions to the new kissing device. “This society is full of amazing and mystical things,” said one comment.


One user stated that the invention was “weird” and said, “Isn’t that just plastic kissing?” He asked. Another user said, “I think it’s a very innovative invention. I can’t wait to try it.” made his comment.

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