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November 10, Death Aniversary of Ataturk, Eternal Commander in Chief

On the 83rd anniversary of his death, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is commemorated with respect throughout the country with his 10 November messages and 10 November poems. On this painful day, where our longing for Atatürk, who left a civil and democratic future, reaches its highest level, 10 November messages are shared to reflect our feelings, as every year.

Atatürk, who rebuilt a country that was on the verge of extinction and established a throne in the hearts of millions, is commemorated with national mourning all over the country on November 10.

The founder of the modern Turkish Republic, the eternal Commander-in-Chief, Veteran Marshal Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was commemorated with respect throughout the country on the 83rd anniversary of his death. Citizens all over Turkey observed a moment of silence at 09:05. In Istanbul, Turkey’s largest metropolis, life almost came to a halt when the sirens sounded at 09:05 when Atatürk passed away.Employees going to work, students going to school, people at overpasses and stops, street vendors remained silent for 2 minutes in Istanbul. While some Istanbul residents left their workplaces and stood in front of the door to pay homage, students commemorated their ancestors on the balconies of the dormitories.

Passengers in public transportation vehicles such as metrobus, bus and metro stood up with the sound of sirens. Some metrobuses waited at the stops during this time and held a moment of silence.

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