New Spy Drones Look Like Real Birds!

Drone technologies are developing more and more every day. A group of researchers took a revolutionary leap forward in flapping drones, resurrecting dead birds as drones through taxidermy.

A team of researchers has successfully developed drones from the bodies of stuffed dead birds. Although a little scary, team members believe such drones could one day be used to monitor animals undetected. On the other hand, these drones, which look and behave just like real birds, have caused espionage concerns.

Drone That Looks Like a Real Bird

Such drones, called ornithopters, have wings that can flap like birds. Usually, such bird-like drones use synthetic materials, but New Mexico Tech is taking things a step further. The researchers decided to assemble the drone parts with taxidermy. The unearthed product was flapping and moving almost like a bird.

For this realistic movement, the researchers used aerodynamic simulators to observe how the models flapped in the wind. However, despite the optimizations, an efficient flight technique like a bird could not be achieved. The researchers say that the use of such drones can be further improved thanks to more flexible wing mechanisms and quieter mechanical parts.

For now, drone birds do not have feet. In the following research periods, it is desired to attach feet to drones to make flight more flexible. In this way, it is thought that the drone can be prevented from consuming more battery.

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