New Monetization Method from TikTok: Longer Videos!

New Monetization Method from TikTok: Longer Videos!

By popularizing the short video format, TikTok ironically introduces a new way to make money with long videos. Details are here!

Popular short video sharing platform TikTok seems to be asking creators for videos longer than one minute, 9to5Mac reported. A new TikTok Creativity Program has been launched that encourages creators on the platform to strive for longer videos so creators can generate more revenue with longer videos.

When TikTok was first released, videos on the platform were allowed to be no longer than 15 seconds. The short video format that other social media platforms try to immerse people in became popular for the first time thanks to TikTok. But the length of videos allowed in the app has increased since TikTok’s launch. In 2017, the duration of allowed videos was increased to one minute (many users chose to post 30-second videos), and in 2021 the maximum video length was increased to three minutes.

Monetization Method from TikTok

New TikTok Creativity Program Details

Now TikTok has announced a new Creativity Program that encourages selected creators to make videos longer than one minute. For now, the TikTok Creativity Program appears to be an invite-only beta, but the company has stated that the program will be open to all “eligible creators” in the next few months.

To be eligible for the Creative Program, creators must be at least 18 years old, have minimum follower and video view requirements (not specified at this time), as well as a “good” account.

In its official announcement, TikTok states that the new program will help creators increase their creativity and find more ways to monetize their content on the platform. Content creators who want to take advantage of this program should publish quality original content longer than one minute.

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