New Features for iPhones: Here are All Details!

New Features for iPhones: Here are All Details!

The iOS 17.5 update, which makes it possible to install external applications on iPhones, is out. Here are all the new features from new wallpaper to repair status!

With less than a month to go before the announcement of iOS 18, which is expected to come with significant innovations, especially in artificial intelligence, Apple has released the iOS 17.5 update, which has been tested for a long time. With this update, which is more than two months longer than iOS 17.4, the doors of the App Store are officially open.

What Does iOS 17.5 Update Offer?

We had previously announced that Apple had to pave the way for external application installation on iPhones due to pressure from the European Union. With the iOS 17.5 update, web-based application distribution started to be supported in European Union countries.

New Features for iPhones

This means that iPhone users will be able to download apps directly from developers’ websites without using the App Store. We will see the results of iPhone’s opening up to the outside world in terms of apps in the coming days.

The iOS 17.5 update, which adds a new wallpaper to the lock screen, eliminates the need to turn off Find My feature before servicing the iPhone thanks to the “repair status” added to the Find My app.

In addition, cross-platform tracking detection will notify you if a compatible non-Apple Bluetooth tracker is moving with you.

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