New Emojis Coming to iPhones: What Do the Expected Emojis Look Like?

New Emojis Coming to iPhones: What Do the Expected Emojis Look Like?

Apple is getting ready to introduce some new emojis for iPhones. How do the new emojis, which are thought to be used frequently, look like? Here are the details!

Apple periodically introduces new emojis for iPhones. We can say that we have come across one of these periods again. The new emojis are currently being tested for iPhone users.

Among the new emojis, the most striking ones are the face with eye bags, fingerprint, vegetable, leafless tree, shovel, splash. Frequently used emojis will come to all iPhones very soon.

New Emojis Coming to iPhones

New Emojis Coming to iPhones

The Unicode Consortium today released the beta version of Unicode 16 with new emojis. In the beta version, the new emojis will be tested by users. After the test, which will last until July 2, Unicode 16 will be officially released.

Apple usually waits a few months to release approved emojis. This means that it is unlikely that the emojis currently in the testing phase will come with the iOS 18 update. It seems more likely that new emojis will arrive with iOS 18.4 in March 2025.

New emojis were last introduced to iPhones with iOS 17.4. The most popular choices among these emojis were lime, phoenix, edible brown mushroom and nodding yes or no.

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