Netflix Games Coming to TVs: iPhones Will Become Controllers!

Netflix Games Coming to TVs: iPhones Will Become Controllers!

It is claimed that efforts are being made to carry Netflix Games to televisions. Here are all the details about the work!

While losing its customers to its rivals Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, Netflix is ​​also looking for ways to return to its old days by trying its luck in new sectors. According to leaks, Netflix Games can come to TV and iPhones can be used as controllers.

The game library, known as Netflix Games, was released in 2021. It is stated that the company is working on a feature that will allow players to use their iPhones as a controller. It is claimed that a separate study has been made for this feature and it is understood from the codes in the application.

Netflix Games

There are signs that Netflix Games is in the works for it to come to TVs soon. This will increase the number of games.

How Will iPhones Be Used as Controllers?

Netflix’s idea of ​​using iPhones as controllers is actually not a new thought. Apple provides simple control for certain games on Apple TV with the Apple Remote, but it’s not yet clear how Netflix will handle this feature.

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