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Most Encountered Deportation Reasons in Turkey

According to the law no.5683 on residence and travels of foreigners in Turkey, the foreigners who are assumed contrary to security, political and administrative requirements of society are invited to leave Turkey in the duration granted to them. Those who fail to leave country in this period may be deported.

Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for deportation transactions. Resolution for deportation is informed either to person himself/herself or his/her lawyer. If the person to be deported has no lawyer, information is given this person about objection conditions to resolution of deportation.

Who are deported?

  • Those who are sentenced to imprisonment for two years or more due to crime committed,
  • Manager, member, supporter of terrorist organization or manager, member or supporter of crime organization for the purpose of generating monetary profit,
  • Those who use unrealistic knowledge and forged document for the transactions related to entry to Turkey, visa and resident permits
  • Those who earn a livelihood from illegal ways in time passed in Turkey,
  • Those who form threat in terms of public order, public security or public health,
  • Those whose visa or visa exemption period is exceeded more than 10 days or visa is cancelled,
  • Those whose residence permits are cancelled,
  • Those who violate residence permit more than 10 days without having any acceptable reason from end of residence permit duration,
  • Those who are determined to have worked without work permit,
  • Those who violate provisions respective to legal entry to or legal exit from Turkey
  • Those who are detected to have arrived in Turkey in spite of presence of entry prohibition to Turkey about them,
  • Those whose international protection application is rejected, excluded from international protection, application is evaluated unacceptable,
  • Out of those whose extension application for residence permit is ruled out, those who could not leave Turkey in 10 days,
  • About the persons who have the status of international protection or applicant, only in case there exists indications about creating danger for security of country or they are sentenced finally from a crime which occur danger in terms of public order, deportation resolution may be taken.

Who is prohibited from entering Turkey?

According to article 8 of the Passport Law no. 5682, the persons stated below are banned from entering Turkey.

  • Dawdlers and beggars,
  • Disabled with insanity or contagious disease (out of persons having such condition, those who not will jeopardise general health and order, be treated under guardianship of their legal custodians or guardians or come for sick leave may be exempted from this provision)
  • Those are accused of or sentenced from one of the crimes assumed as basis to return with agreements or treaties for return of culprits to which Republic of Turkey is a member,
  • Those who have been deported from Turkey and their re-entry is not allowed,
  • Those who are detected to have arrived with the aim of help or join to those want to break or break security and general order to Turkey or with the purpose of breaking security and general order of Republic of Turkey,
  • Those who make love for money and those who acquire directing women to prostitution as a profession, those who make white slave traffic and all kinds of smugglers,
  • Persons who have no money enough to live throughout the duration they declare and to return back, fails to prove they have persons to protect them in Turkey or not to engage any job restricted with law together with foreigners in Turkey” are prohibited from entering the country.

Reasons for not to be allowed to enter in Turkey

According to Immigration Report of Turkey, permit to enter in Turkey was not given to total 18.124 foreigners in 2016.

Let us look at rejection reasons of foreigners:

Entry Prohibition: 7399 % 40

Visa-free Travel: 4300 %24

Invalid Certificate: 2491 %14

Forgery: 1369 % 7

Breach of visa: 909 %5

Other reasons: 1826 %10

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  1. Hello. One question, is there any database where to check when a person was not admitted in Turkey and sent back to the country of origin? I am applying for a U.S. visa and I have this precedent so I am not sure if this will affect the visa request.

  2. Hi,
    My friend was issued a fake passport and as a result was deported on arrival at the Airport in Turkey. Can he reapply with a valid passport for entrance into Turkey anytime soon?
    Thanks for your kind assistance

  3. Hi, I was deported and was told that I am barred from entering Turkey for 6 months. However, I wasn’t given any documents to show my entry ban period. I went to the nearest Turkish Embassy to enquire but they wouldn’t tell me. Now, my 6 months will finish this month, and I am going to apply for work visa. Is there anything I need to do before I apply or I should just go ahead and apply? Your response would be highly appreciated. Thank you

  4. Hello I’m ali from Pakistan now a days living in Turkey since 2015. but I’m illegal ( I came in Turkey illegal way ) now I want to go back to Pakistan then again come to Turkey with Visa. Plz plz guide me how I can apply for visa ? I don’t want to ban for 5 years. Is it possible to pay fine then get Visa again ? Plz guide me.
    Any solution? How I can pay fine ? And how much fine will be ?

  5. Hi,
    I overstayed in Turkey spending more than 90 days in 180 days. I made a mistake and re-entered turkey after I was allowed to leave with no penalty due to Covid 19. Up on my exit from turkey on my second attempt I was told to pay 460tl in Admin penalty for breach. I did not have no cash on me and they didn’t take card payments plus I was late for my flight. So I was not able to make the penalty payment.

    I was given a paper that indicates I am banned from entering turkey for 3 months. This is not a problem. I am happy to wait for 3 months to go back to Turkey?

    The problem is that the paper also indicates:

    “all provisions with respect to preliminary permission decision stemming from the non payment of your administrative fine are reserved regardless of the expiration of the entry ban decision imposed on you”

    What does this mean? Will I be able to pay the fine upon my entry after the 3 months ban has expired or what could be the provisions for non payment of the fine??

    Please advise. Thank you.

  6. Hi my name is eric, my Turkish residence permit expired in april 20, so i applyed again in march, but during that time the corona lockdown, and my phone got lost, so i wasn’t able to go and submit my documents. Now i want to know if it’s still possible today reapply again. But my residence permit expired during the corona lockdown in april 20. So can i still renew my residence permit again. Thanks, waiting for a reply

  7. Can I apply visit visa now alongwith my son aged 17 years as i was deported in 2017 before to due to have no documents that time when was deported me please…waiting for reply

    1. Hello,
      If you were deported before and received entry ban to Turkey, you can obtain a visa and reenter the country once the period of entry ban is over. If you are not sure when the ban is over, you should contact nearest Turkish Consulate to receive information in this topic.

      Kind Regards,

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  8. Hi, my mother’s residence permit got expired during covid lockdown and she could not leave Turkey by the same reason. She left Turkey yesterday as soon as air borders got opened but in the airport they gave her penalty and deport from Turkey. Will she be able to apply for the residence permit again later or there will be some serious complications? Thank you in advance

    1. Hello,
      Your mother will be able to reenter Turkey once the entry ban will be over. If your mother is eligible for renewal of residence permit, she can reapply after entering Turkey. Eligibility for renewal of residence permit depends on nationality and type of permit. Touristic residence permit can be obtained only once within every two years by most of nationalities. This rule does not apply to EU citizens, citizens of OECD countries, Russia and China.

      Kind Regards,

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  9. Iam liveing in turkey but illegal but i want to go back and again want to enter here but legaly have any sloution?

    1. Hello,
      If you pay a fine for overstaying in Turkey and would not be banned to reenter the country you can obtain a new visa after certain period of time depending on your nationality. Once you reenter Turkey you will be eligible for touristic residence permit application before expiration of your visa. This kind of permit can be granted for maximum one year and can be only extended by citizens of one of European Union countries, Russia, China and OECD countries.

      Kind Regards,

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