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Mırra Coffee

Coffee is a beverage consumed with admiration in many parts of the world with its unique production techniques and special presentation styles. Coffee types, which are called by different names in different regions, leave different flavors on the palate depending on the aroma and taste they have. Known for centuries as unique to the Arabian geography, Mırra coffee is a type of coffee widely consumed in Turkey, especially in Southeastern Anatolia Regions such as Mardin, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa. The feature that distinguishes this coffee from others is that it is quite bitter and heavy. This is where the name of the coffee comes from. The word “mur” in Arabic means “pain”. As we all know, Mırra coffee is not served in Turkish coffee cups. Since it has a bitter and heavy taste, it is served in small containers without special handles.

How to Prepare Mırra Coffee?

There is no specific type of coffee that should be preferred while preparing Mırra coffee. Mırra coffee is actually a method of preparing and cooking coffee. You can make Mırra with any coffee you want. The feature that distinguishes this coffee from others is that it is not beaten until it is very thin in a mortar called a mortar. The most important point to be considered while cooking Mırra coffee; boiling phase. You need to boil Mırra coffee for a long time. To prepare the coffee, first the coffee grounds are separated and water is added to the mixture. In other words, ground coffee is boiled by adding water. It is filtered and transferred to a special container called “mutbak” to separate the remnants of the coffee that has reached the consistency. Water is added to the poured coffee. This process is continued until the coffee grounds are separated. Water is added to the coffee that is separated from its grounds and residue and is passed through the kitchen again.

This coffee, which is very difficult to make, is traditionally served in a handleless cup. Mırra, which is filled to the half of the glass, is offered to the guests.

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