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Microsoft Trying to Block Other Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Microsoft Trying to Block Other Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Microsoft, which has achieved great success with the Bing artificial intelligence it has recently introduced, is determined to block other search engines. Details are here!

OpenAI, which is currently one of the most talked about companies in the industry on artificial intelligence, has signed a long-term partnership with Microsoft with an agreement worth more than 10 billion dollars. After this situation, many people accused Microsoft of trying to have a monopoly in the field of artificial intelligence. Microsoft’s steps in this direction began to come gradually.

Microsoft has warned search engines powered by Bing data not to develop their own AI chatbots. Engines that use Bing include sites like and DuckDuckGo.

Microsoft May Have Monopoly on Artificial Intelligence


Although the commercialization of OpenAI, which initially emerged as a non-profit organization to conduct artificial intelligence research, has garnered reactions from the technology world, its partner Microsoft is not afraid to launch a new artificial intelligence tool almost every week.

Allegedly, Microsoft, which transferred $10 billion and Azure server support to the OpenAI team, also started to set up a giant supercomputer complex for GPT-4 to work. All these events have led the industry, especially its arch-rival Google, to fear that Microsoft is trying to monopolize it.

The fact that the Bing chat bot, which uses the GPT-4 language model, is currently only available in the Microsoft Edge browser, seems to be one of the important examples of this situation. According to Bloomberg’s report, Microsoft, which threatens other search engines using Bing, wants to seize power in the field of artificial intelligence. currently has its own chatbot. However, Microsoft may have wanted to take action to prevent this situation from progressing any further. The company has not yet received a response to the allegations.

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