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OpenAI Introduces Artificial Intelligence that Converts Audio to Text

OpenAI, the team behind ChatGPT, has introduced its artificial intelligence that converts voice to text. Here are the details!

After the success of the OpenAI team’s ChatGPT, products from the company continue to come one after another. The team, which went to a partnership with Microsoft in the past weeks, started working at full capacity to turn the successful language model GPT-3 into a source of money. The Whisper API that converts audio to text is now available.

Introduced in September 2022 with ChatGPT, Whisper can successfully convert speech to text. An API was created for the model, which we did not hear about for a while after it was introduced, so that it can be used by those who want it.

10 cents per minute!

The Whisper API developed by the OpenAI team can be used by clicking the link here. The audio recording you upload to the program is converted into text in a short time. The cost of using the service, which supports languages other than English, is 10 cents ($0.006) per minute.

Whisper API, which can take various formats such as M4A, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPGA, WAV and WEBM as input, can achieve high success even in different accents thanks to its 680,000 hour multilingual training library.

On the other hand, the OpenAI team states that users should be alert to possible misunderstood words that may arise from various reasons.

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