Microsoft Brings Bing AI to SwiftKey

We mentioned that Microsoft will bring the Bing chatbot to SwiftKey. Microsoft has now officially announced that it is bringing the feature to SwiftKey.

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it has integrated the Bing chatbot into its smartphone keyboard app SwiftKey on Android and iOS. The new integration will allow users to chat with the bot directly from their mobile keyboard and search for something without having to switch between apps.

SwiftKey keyboard is now smarter

Bing will have three main features in SwiftKey: Chat, Tone and Search. With the chat functionality, you can access the new Bing on the go for more detailed queries. The company explains that the functionality can be useful for a variety of things. For example, if you’re looking for a clever pun to reply to someone’s message, or if you’re planning a party with your friends and want to quickly find which desserts go well with a particular dish, you can use the chat function.

The tone feature includes using artificial intelligence to customize their texts to suit any situation. Microsoft says this feature can be useful when you’re trying to be formal in your work emails, or when you’re learning a new language and need help with word choice. You can use this feature to make your sentences more professional, casual, polite or concise enough for a social media post.

The search function essentially eliminates the need to switch between apps. In this way, you can quickly search the web from the keyboard. New features in SwiftKey are available in all markets where the new Bing is available. Anyone can now use Search, but using Chat and Tone features requires signing up for the new Bing preview and signing in with a confirmed Microsoft account.
Microsoft states that the update is available today and you will see the Bing icon above the keyboard after you receive the update. It’s worth noting that Microsoft planned to shut down SwiftKey on iOS last year but later decided not to. Microsoft is probably hoping to create some excitement and popularity around SwiftKey by integrating the new Bing into the product.

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