Messenger Returns to Facebook App!

Years later, Messenger is making its way back to the Facebook app. Here are the reasons and details behind the decision!

Meta has confirmed that Messenger will be reintroduced to the Facebook app after a few years hiatus.

Back in 2016, the company made the controversial decision to remove its in-app messaging functionality to direct people to its private Messenger app. Facebook chief Tom Alison stated in a blog post that the return of the feature is currently being tested among some users and will happen “soon”.

“Over the next year, we will develop more ways to integrate messaging features into Facebook. Ultimately, we want it to be easy and convenient for people to connect and share, whether in the Messenger app or directly within Facebook.” said.

This move comes at a time when Meta is looking for new ways to compete with TikTok. As part of these efforts, the company is trying to position itself as an entertainment and discovery platform rather than just a social network. TikTok, for example, allows users to share videos directly via in-app messaging, so Meta undoubtedly wants to do something similar with Facebook.

The Future of Facebook is a Subject of Curiosity

Interestingly, this news was hidden inside a larger blog post about the future of Facebook, which coincided with new reports that the company plans to lay off thousands of people. This also comes after Meta announced plans to lay off about 11,000 employees in November. All the while, it was also reported that Meta lost about 14 billion USD (about 19.2 billion CAD) from its metaverse plans.

Alison said, “Contrary to reports to the contrary, Facebook is neither dead nor dying, in fact it is alive and thriving with 2 billion daily active users. People use Facebook beyond connecting with friends and family to discover and engage with what matters most to them. It’s also used for.”

This decision seems a bit silly to me, what do you think?

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