Mercedes-Benz Introduces Stunning New Model!

Mercedes-Benz Introduces Stunning New Model!

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a vehicle that it says is a sister to the G series. When will the vehicle, whose exterior design is very popular, be released? Here are the details of the news!

Mercedes-Benz is developing a more budget-friendly car. The EV will be a smaller and cheaper version of the iconic G-Wagon and was confirmed this weekend at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich. CEO Ola Kallenius said the “baby” G-Class EV will be much more compact than its cousin and “fun” to drive.

Smaller Cheaper

This model is a spin-off of the G-Class EQG concept first unveiled at IAA Mobility 2021. The German newspaper Automobilwoche said that the company has been planning a smaller all-electric G-Wagon for several years and that this model could be called the “g-Class” with a “g”.


The vehicle would be based on an all-electric drivetrain and feature all-wheel drive. As for the promise of a cheaper G-Class vehicle, a new Mercedes G-Class SUV starts at $140,000, so it won’t be hard to reach a price point lower than that. The actual pricing remains a mystery.

The vehicle’s powertrain will likely be based on the upcoming MB.EA platform. This platform is unlikely to appear in vehicles until 2025, which would put the launch of the smaller, cheaper G-Class EV in 2026 at the earliest.

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