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Those who see an islet overlooking the Mediterranean, just 200 meters from the Mersin coast, surprise those who see it because Maiden’s Castle, which gives its name to the region with its bastions and high walls, rises above this small island. Here is the story of the Maiden’s Castle, which has been told from generation to generation: A king living in the city of Korykos, which sees the vast Mediterranean from the sea, always wanted a girl. After years of longing for children, the king finally had a daughter and raised her literally “like a princess”.

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Despite all this attention, the sultan’s daughter was not pampered and won the admiration and unavoidably love of everyone with her generosity and beauty. One day, he is invited to the palace by a “knowing” king who came to Korykos. During the meeting, the king asked the oracle about his daughter’s future. However, although the wise man could not openly say this to the king, he was very frightened when he looked at the princess. The command cuts the iron, the soothsayer gives up in the face of the king’s persistent approach and whispers to the king the fate that no one can break: “My king, the snake bites your daughter and your daughter dies. prevent this death, you will live the pain to the fullest.”

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The king, who did not tell her this so that his daughter would not be upset, thought for a while how he could prevent this incident. As his sadness increased day by day, he approached the solution. This solution was actually the first step of the inevitable death mentioned by the oracle… Based on the knowledge that snakes cannot swim, the king, who had a castle built on an islet close to the shore just opposite the Korykos Castle, put his beautiful daughter under lockdown. in this castle with his servants. Of course, unaware of this unseen feeling and having no idea why her father did such a thing, the princess began to melt with sadness day by day.

Despite all this seclusion, the king, who fulfilled all his daughter’s wishes, did not delay his daughter’s request for Tarsus white grapes for one day. A grape basket is immediately prepared from the palace and sent to the castle. The young girl was very happy, and when the night fell and everyone fell asleep, she immediately took her basket and went to her room to eat. However, there was also a snake in this grape basket… And unfortunately the prophecy came true there, the beautiful princess was sacrificed to a snake.

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Where is Maiden Castle?

Mersin Maiden’s Castle is located in the town of Maiden’s Castle, 24 kilometers east of Silifke and 60 kilometers west of Mersin city centre. The old name of the town, which started to bear the name of the castle in the region with the legend told by the people living in the region ninety years ago, is Korykos.

Mersin Maiden Castle Town

Korykos takes its name from the fact that it was a living space established by the Cyprus Prince Korikos, according to the narratives of historian Herodotus. The city, which lived the best times of the Byzantine Period, was captured by Cypriot Lusignen in 1361 and was taken by the Karaman Sultan İbrahim Bey in 1448. It joined the Ottoman lands in 1482.

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The history of Mersin Maiden’s Castle Town is shaped around Korikos Castle and Maiden Castle. Korikos Castle consists of two castles at the tip of the peninsula. There are small churches and a long corridor covering these churches in the inner courtyard of this castle. Although the Romans started the construction of the castle, it was completed by the Cypriots.

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