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Long Term Residence Permit in Turkey

With a valid residence permit, the foreigners who stay 8 years in Turkey uninterrupted and legally, can have a right to apply for long term residence permit. However, refugees, persons with conditional refugee status, foreign residents with humanitarian permits and temporary protection in Turkey can not apply for a long-term residence permit. In addition, the following conditions must be met in order to be eligible for a long-term residence permit.

  • Having no social assistance in last three years
  • Having enough and regular income for foreigner and his/her family
  • Having a valid health insurance
  • Not creating a threat to public order and public safety

If foreigner lives abroad more than 1 year except for education, medical and obligatory community service purposes, the residence permit may be cancelled.

  • Having a fixed income

The process and the way of earning should be provable.

For example: a pension from another country or a business owner in Turkey – income from past years tax records etc. It is possible to show with.

If foreigner is dependent on a foreigner who have a residence permit and fixed income in Turkey, it’s possible to be accepted. For example: If a spouse has fixed income, the other spouse can apply for a long term residence permit.

The Amount of Minimum Income for Long Term Residence Permit

Long Term Residence Permit 2

Monthly income should be 500 USD at least.

  • Full Scope Health Insurance

Full scope health insurance is required. (It has same criteria with short-term)

  • Not getting involved in crime in last 3 years

This situation must be proved by a document to be obtained from the Turkish courts. (Criminal record)

  • Living 8 years in Turkey

The main part of the application process is proving that the applicant has regular income and that he has stayed in Turkey for 8 years. (Read below for the conditions)

How long does long term residence permit applications take ?

The applications last up to 90 days. With the documents ready and delivered to the local police, the 90 day process begins.

Does the long term residence permit give the right to work in Turkey for foreigner ?

No, it doesn’t provide right to work.

  • How does general procedure apply ?

Applications are made directly to the General Directorate of Immigration online –

Interruption of Long Term Residence Permit

Except education, medical and obligatory community service purposes which are longer than 6 months in a year, if you have been on abroad total 1 year in last 5 years, it causes the interruption of your residence permit. In case of interruption of residence permit, previous residence periods are not counted towards a residence permit application or converted to another residence permit.

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The conditions of long term residence permit

Long Term Residence Permit 2
  • Being a resident in Turkey for at least 8 years uninterrupted
  • Not benefiting from any kind of social support provided by the government in the last 3 years
  • Having enough and appropriate resources to sustain life
  • Having a valid health insurance
  • Not creating a threat to public order and public safety

The people who have long term residence permit after the evaluating period will have the rights like Turkish citizens except some special applications :

Long-term residence permit holders are exempted from:

  1. a) Compulsory military services,
  2. b) Right to elect and be elected,
  3. c) Right to enter public service,
  4. d) Tax immunity on importing cars.

NOTE : Your permanent residence permit may be cancelled if you have been abroad for 12 months or more except health and education purposes.



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