Legal Obligations of the Foreign Students Who Study at University in Turkey

With the law no.2922, legal obligations of the foreign students who study in Turkey are determined.  Within the scope of this law, arrival to Turkey, admissions to education institutions, quitting education institutions of foreign students and all life conditions within the borders of Turkey have been identified within the scope of this law.

Foreign students of the schools affiliated to Turkish Armed Forces and Ministry of National Defence are excluded from the scope this regulation and special regulation article is implemented for them.

What Legal Obligations are anticipated from Foreign Students in Turkey?

The legal obligations to be complied by all foreign students who have been studying on a scholarship in Turkey on the basis of principle of reciprocity or with its own efforts are as follows;

– While the residence permits of the foreign students who study in Turkish schools and higher education institutions are issued without charge, the foreign students who study at consulate and embassy schools and international schools are obliged to pay charge for residence permit.

-In case foreign students which are entitled to enrol universities and want to make enrolment after arriving Turkey but accepted to Turkish preparatory class with the request of school   certify this situation, student residence permits are subjected to regulation till next education period.

-Foreign students who seek to study at undergraduate level  should firstly take Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) in order to get training in Turkey. Each university has its own exam conditions and school admission terms. Students should receive the base point requested from exam questions set by university.

-The foreign nationals who want to take education in any higher education institution of Turkey are obliged to obtain “student residence permit”.

-Foreign students who will receive education both at undergraduate level and each level are liable to carry out the transactions arranged in accordance with Turkish laws and to obtain certificates. Education life of foreign students may be interrupted   owing to missing transactions and supply of wrong certificate and it is required to do the same transactions again next year.

-All foreign students who will get training at undergraduate or graduate level in Turkey    should apply to the units which offer guidance services and fulfil the obligations requested from them by these units.

– Foreign students should always be in contact with the guidance services of the schools they study at and inform guidance unit about the change related to any personal, marital or educational status in 15 days.  In the event that the changes respective to student are not submitted in specified time, legal actions and disciplinary sanction are implemented.

What are the Obligations for Residence Permits of Foreign Students ?

Foreign students who want to extend residence periods during their education should make an application to district police department located within settlement borders with the certificates documenting continuance of education and get a new residence permit.

In the event foreign students lose their residence permits, passports or any official document authenticating student status, they are expected to apply immediately to relevant authorities and obtain their missing documents in 15 days.

The foreign students who change their residence addresses or education institutions are obliged to state these alterations to both district police department they quit and the one they are transferred in 40 hours.

Legal Obligations to be fulfilled for Health Insurance by Foreign Students

In case foreign students files an application in 3 months from first enrolment date within the scope of the provisions of General Health Insurance and Social Insurance Law, no additional health insurance is   requested from these students. However, the foreign students who have made no application in 3 months from date of enrolment are not included within the scope of general health insurance and these students are responsible for taking out a private health insurance policy.

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  1. Do universities take a percentage of your high school grades if you’ve completed high school outside of Turkey???

  2. Hi. If I drop out or defer my studies for a semester or a year what happens to my residence permit and visa?

  3. Hello, if I entered to Turkey with a student visa (less than 6 months residence permit) and then I want to leave the country for entering again with a tourist visa in order to aply for a six months residence permit and then get a work permit, how long should I wait for entering again?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello,
      If you leave Turkey before expiration of your residence permit you can reenter the country anytime after expiration of your permit. However if you overstay your residence permit time, which you should spend abroad before reentering Turkey depends on your nationality and visa regime for your country. For example, in this case holders of 90 within 180 days visa after paying a fine for overstaying sshould spend abroad three months before they are allowed to enter Turkey again.

      Kind Regards,

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  4. Hello,
    As an Erasmus student, how can I apply for another resident permit in order to get a work permit.
    Best regards

    1. Hello,
      If your residence permit was granted for at least 6 months in total work permit application can be made on its basis. Otherwise work permit application can be submitted either by making transfer of your permit into touristic residence permit or through Turkish consulate in your home country.

      Kind Regards,

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      1. Hi my residence permit was short term on touristic visa when it is expired I get admsion in university then I get student kimlik .is it ok on touristic visa I have student kimlik

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