League of Legends 2023 Season Has Started! What’s New?

The 2023 Season of the world-famous MOBA game League of Legends has officially started. So, what rewards await players in the new season? What are the plans for LoL Esports? Details are here.

The wait for the new season of LoL is finally over. Riot Games kicked off the 2023 Season of the world’s most popular MOBA today with a video showing what awaits players. The new League of Legends Esports event marks the official start of the ranked season for casual players and the tournament season for pro players.

During the event, the League of Legends team talks about Ahri’s Visual and Sustainability Update, Aurelion Sol’s Gameplay Refresh, mid-year rank reset, champion roadmap for 2023, and much more. In addition to these, the new competitive event Season Start, announced by LoL Esports a while ago, started on 2 day ago with the League of Legends 2023 Season.

LoL Season 2023 Coming With Important Innovations

Here are the rewards that can be earned through the missions of the LoL 2023 Ranked Season:

*2 Hextech Sets
*6 Icons
-Hit Icon
-Dominion Icon
-Sorcerer Icon
-Perseverance Icon
-Inspiration Icon
-Rune Book Icon
*3000 Blue Essence
*8 Champion Crystals

*2023 Season Start Token and 2023 Season Token
*Impressive Ward Skin

Riot Games also shared the changes to be made on Champions in the new season of LoL. Ahri’s Visual and Sustainability Update is coming soon. Several mid-range updates are coming to refresh the gameplay of legacy champions and modernize the overall champion roster.

The team also continues to work towards League’s goal of creating a much more diverse pool of champions that spans all cultures, genders, and in-game skill levels in every role.

LoL 2023 Ranked Season

Starting this year, a ranked reset will occur between the two ranked seasons. With this reset, which will also be accompanied by awards, it is aimed to reduce the stress caused by possible grading or relegation situations in the middle of the year.

Ranked Reset: The reset that will occur when the 2nd season of Ranked season starts will not be as serious as it was in January because the game will not change enough to require players to regain their rank. The mid-year reset will have even less impact if players haven’t played much since January.

Rewards: Players can now earn all ranked rewards in each ranked season, including icons, emotes, ranked frames, and a ranked skin. This means players will be able to grab two skins in this year’s ranked season, as well as some additional rewards for their ranked climb.

Players no longer have to reach Gold Tier to earn their ranked skin. From now on, skins can be obtained by playing a number of ranked games determined by rank.
Colors will continue to be distributed based on players’ final rank at the end of the season.

Season Start Event

The Season Start event will replace the League of Legends All-Star event. All-Star events have had countless major highlights over the years for players and fans alike, but the current schedule can challenge many All-Star players.

Riot Games said that replacing All-Star events with the Season Start event will give professional players the opportunity to get the rest they deserve. The company also stated that it will offer fans a brand new and exciting environment in addition to the local year-end events and celebrations held by the regions this time of year.

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