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Izmir’s Sweetest Festival: Giant Chocolate and Cake Sculptures

The Pastry and Chocolate Masters Festival, which was held for the first time in Izmir, witnessed colorful scenes Cake and chocolates resembling giant sculptures made by pastry masters surprised the visitors. Especially the children thought the cake was a toy. The Cake and Chocolate Master Festival, which started yesterday, is being held at the Historical Air Gas Factory for the first time in İzmir. While cakes and chocolates turned into giant sculptures in the hands of their masters, the people of Izmir were amazed by the works of the masters. Cakes made in different concepts were also showcased in the international pastry competition attended by pastry chefs from Turkey and abroad. The best cakes will be rewarded throughout the day. Undoubtedly, the children had the most fun at the festival, where children’s workshops were also set up. While some children mistook the cake and chocolate sculptures for toys, adults had a hard time understanding that the artifacts were edible.

200 Works Competition

Master Of Cake General Coordinator Zumra Uludogan said, “We are a very sweet festival. Our business is cake, chocolate. This is an environment where none of us can say ‘No’. That’s why we always attract a lot of attention. An organization that has been organizing festivals across Turkey for 7 years Samsun, Istanbul , Ankara We are in İzmir for the first time after , we enjoy being in Izmir. We also have an international pastry competition in which pastry chefs from Turkey participate. Enormous works compete. Awards will be given at the award ceremony We host 500 pastry chefs at the festival where 200 works compete. Concepts in cities are reflected in works, including art “All kinds of concepts can be processed into cakes and chocolates. There are cakes with cartoon characters, there are cakes with places. There are also human and animal characters,” he said.

First Event Since Pandemic

Izmir Cooks Association President Assoc. Turgay Bucak said, “We have not been able to hold events since the pandemic. This festival has been the biggest organization since then. May 21-27 was declared as Turkish Cuisine Week in the World. So are we. An organization that will make our mouths sweet. The reflections are beautiful. The competition. The results will be announced today. It is very important for confectioners to experience this environment. The people of İzmir also showed their support. Families, who were prepared to attract the attention of children, attracted more and more children here. Some children cannot stand up and try to eat the sculptural cakes,” he said.

Music Box Cake

Sekerci Sabiha Aksoy, who participated in the competition with her music box-shaped cake ‘Unhindered Love’, said, “I finished the cake in 1 year. It was my dream to make such a cake. With this cake, we say, “The most important thing is love, an obstacle in the body is not an obstacle to love.” I placed it in a 75 cm gap. I placed a platform under my cake and music plays from there. I tried to write a story with my cake. “I started making cakes a long time ago, but with a variety of ingredients, you can keep cakes intact for years like a trinket,” he said.

Gulnaz Goktas said, “We had a very good day with our daughter. The cakes are very successful. It is hard to believe that they are cakes. They are very realistic. I never thought of eating them because I thought they were real. It is impossible. You can afford to eat them anyway.” His wife, Murat Goktas, said, “We found the festival very entertaining. We brought Kumsal as well. He thought cakes were toys.”

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