Italian Earthquake Expert Carlo Doglioni: Turkey Moved 3 Meters Towards Arabian Peninsula

Pointing to the changes in the fault line after the earthquake, Doglioni shared his findings about the Arabian plate.

Professor Carlo Doglioni, Head of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, evaluated the picture that emerged after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras.

Doglioni, speaking to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, drew attention to the magnitude of the tremors. The Italian earthquake expert said:

“Moved 3 Meters”

What we call the Arabian plate has moved about 3 meters in a northeast-southwest direction relative to the Anatolian plate.

“A Big Earthquake”

Asked about how far the plate might have moved, Doglioni explained that according to the data they have, the fault may have moved more than 3 meters for at least 150 kilometers.

Expressing that everything happened in a few tens of seconds, Doglioni, “This is a big earthquake.” used the phrase.

“Turkey seems to have moved to the southwest”

Explaining that the fault plane is very inclined, the same expert stated that they observed a horizontal displacement on both sides of the fault during the event and added:

“The two wings moved relative to each other. In other words: Turkey appears to have moved southwest relative to the Arabian plate. We are talking about a very seismic zone, one of the most dangerous in the Mediterranean.”

Spoken About Tsunami Warning

Referring to the tsunami warning given in Italy after the earthquake, Carlo Doglioni said that the warning was turned off, but this does not mean that it will not be reactivated.

Doglioni, “Should countries further west of the Mediterranean be worried?” also answered the question:

“I can say that these movements are of the type that never stops. It’s known as a ‘fast growing’ behavior, but the earthquake is affecting a structure far away from the Italian geological system. This does not mean that we should not keep our attention high, because Italy always has areas with current geological vitality.”

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  1. Wrong title. Turkey moved 3m southwest relative to the Arabian plate along a 150km section of the strike-slip fault. Turkey did not move towards the Arabian Peninsula.

  2. Dr thank you for ur valuable comments. My Question is : the quake came in a subduction zone OR it was s strike slip fault. What is the name of the fault.
    Afsarkhan from Peshawar Pakistan

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