Tsunami Alert in Italy After the Earthquake in Kahramanmaras

In the European country, vigilance was started for possible giant waves.

After the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş and felt in the surrounding provinces, a remarkable warning was given in Italy.

Italy went on alert for possible tsunami waves after the earthquake in Turkey.

Tsunami Warning for Italian Coasts

The warning of the country’s Civil Protection Agency, titled “Tsunami warning: Possible waves reaching the Italian coast,” said:

After the earthquake, the Civil Protection Agency issued a warning for possible tsunami waves reaching the Italian coast. It is recommended that you stay away from coastal areas, head to higher elevations nearby, and follow local authorities’ instructions.

‘Sea level inhabitants are in danger’

A tsunami consists of a series of sea waves produced by the rapid movement of a large body of water. The warning indicates the possibility of a real danger to people near the coast, especially in areas that are not too high or even lower than sea level.

“Can cause dangerous flooding and very strong currents”

In the warning, it was pointed out that even a wave with a height of only 0.5 meters can cause dangerous floods and very strong currents.

The unit in question said that it will continue to provide information on developments.

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