It Might Be The End Of The Road For ChatGPT

OpenAI wants to format the popular chatbot ChatGPT and train it with royalty-free content.

The chatbot storm that started with ChatGPT has taken the artificial intelligence industry to a whole new level today. However, there is an insurmountable problem, which is copyrighted content.

Dark clouds over ChatGPT

ChatGPT robot has been talked about a lot with the storm it started in the field of artificial intelligence, but like every artificial intelligence product, it has a shortcoming. It’s education too. To date, OpenAI has used numerous third-party content to train the productive chatbot. ChatGPT was successfully trained with the specially prepared data extraction tool.

However, not all of this content is free use, and there are some that are copyrighted. A lawsuit that could be filed against OpenAI by the New York Times regarding unauthorized copyright use, which will include compensation of up to $150,000 per piece, has prompted the company.

According to the information received, the ChatGPT robot will be formatted and completely retrained. Thus, it will be free from copyrighted content. However, since the entire database will be renewed, the accumulation of the company so far will be wasted.

Another possibility is that OpenAI and the New York Times go to a licensing agreement. This move may protect the ChatGPT database, but may result in other content owners claiming similar license fees. This means an extra burden for OpenAI.

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