iPhone with “rollable” screen from Apple

While the foldable iPhone is expected, Apple seems to be heading into a different area. Apple’s latest patent points to the development of a rollable iPhone.

Apple has filed a patent for a device with a rollable or swipeable screen. The related patent indicates that future products such as iPhone, iPad, televisions, desktop displays and car dashboards may have this innovation. On the other hand, the expectation of the foldable iPhone is getting a little dimmer with this patent.

Rollable screen patent from Apple

We can say that this kind of patent news comes out in certain periods at Apple. Just like the Vision Pro, rumors of such devices remain on the agenda for a long time, because Apple is not a company that is in a hurry to release “new” products. In this context, it may take time for the patented rollable, flexible screen patent to become a reality.

Returning to the patent, it is clearly shown that said panel can be folded into a roll. At this point, both the screen and the glass layer will need to be both flexible and durable enough to not break. On the other hand, we are not far from such rolling screens. Many companies such as LG, Samsung, OPPO and Motorola are already actively exploring the rollable screen industry. LG has even produced multiple affordable rollable TVs.

At the Mobile World Congress held in the past months, we saw the Motorola Moto Rizr model, which looked quite impressive. However, Apple’s patent application is important for understanding the company’s vision. Of course, it is also completely unclear whether this patent will turn into a product. Even if the iPhone with a rollable screen will come, we wouldn’t be wrong to say that it will wait until the technology matures, considering Apple’s stance so far.

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