iPhone 11 Dropped Into Lake Released After 1 Week: The Result Is Amazing!

After an incident in the past days, it turned out that iPhones can show much more water resistance than known. Here are the details!

Although Apple has not made an IP rating statement about the iPhone models it has released to date, it is known from user feedback and tests that many devices are water resistant.

After an incident in Brazil in the past days, it turned out that iPhones can show much more water resistance than is known.

It Lasted 1 Week at 7 Meters Depth!

In the Apple iPhone 11 endurance tests, 30-minute results were obtained at a depth of about 2 meters underwater. The event in Brazil, on the other hand, gave results far above these numbers.

According to G1’s report, a student named Breno Rafael jumped into the water to help a woman who was drowning while swimming while kayaking on the lake. Rafael’s iPhone 11 model phone, which saved the woman’s life, fell into the lake.

One week after the incident, diving instructor Edingo Rocha found the phone 7 meters deep in the lake. By sharing on social media, he asked his followers for support in finding the device.

Rafael was reached with the share, which had a very high viewership, and it was shared that the device was operating at the same high performance, except for some touch screen problems.

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