Interesting New Feature From Instagram: Reply to Biography!

Interesting New Feature From Instagram: Reply to Biography!

Instagram’s new feature brings the ability to respond to bios. This new feature can act as a fresh start for chats.

Instagram is reportedly working on the ability to respond to a user’s bio. The test was revealed in a Twitter post by trusted leaker and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi.

It’s not a particularly big feature, but one that will be useful for interaction and user engagement. This also means that Instagram users should try their best to make their bios more interesting.

Also, perhaps this new feature will serve as a faster way to start a conversation. However, this feature is still in testing and has not been confirmed by Instagram.

Another New Feature of Instagram: “Channels”

On the other hand, Meta recently announced a new post chat feature on Instagram called “Channels”. Channels will allow creators to share direct public messages with their followers. The new feature supports text, images, polls, reactions and more. This feature was announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg using his own broadcast channel.

New Feature From Instagram

Instagram plans to add a few more features to its “Channels” feature in the coming months. Some of the channels planned include bringing another creator to the channel to chat about upcoming collaborations and opening question rooms for a Q&A via question prompts.

Once the feature is available, you can start a channel from your Instagram inbox. After sending your first message, your followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. Once your channel goes live, you can also encourage your followers to join by using the “join channel” tag in Stories. Soon, creators on Instagram will be able to pin their channels to their profiles to make them easily accessible.

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