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Interesting Design from McDonald’s and Tesla:Spoon!

McDonald’s and Tesla designed a dessert spoon called Cyber Spoon. The interesting design of the two big companies became an event on social media. Here are the details!
Tesla and McDonald’s came together to design a dessert spoon for the Chinese market. The color and appearance of the spoon they named Cyber Spoon attracted attention. In the photos shared, we see McDonald’s flavored ice cream known as McFluryy and the dessert spoon side by side.

McDonald's Tesla Spoon

We have already seen Tesla producing different products other than electric vehicles, such as perfume and whistles. But the company’s partnership with McDonald’s to produce spoons attracted more attention.

50,000 Cyber Spoons!

It turned out that the dessert spoon produced by Tesla and McDonald’s was inspired by Tesla’s next-generation vehicle Cybertruck. McDonald’s was seen promoting the spoon on its social media accounts in China.

50,000 spoons were produced and the price of the spoon in the Chinese market was set at 4 dollars. The metallic and sharp structure of the Cyber Spoon made Tesla’s influence felt. There was also an inscription on the spoon.

“Don’t Panic” written on the handle of the spoon refers to Elon Musk’s favorite book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

McDonald's Tesla Spoon

The humorous sci-fi book, written by British author Douglas Adams, was previously placed on the dashboard of a Tesla car launched into space.

It is not yet known whether the limited edition spoon will be put back into production after its sale in McDonald’s stores ends. However, the coming together of two big brands for such a spoon emphasizes the need to be open to surprises.

So what do you think about the dessert spoon produced by Tesla and McDonald’s? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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