Tesla receives more than 1,000 Cybertruck reservations per day

Tesla receives more than 1,000 Cybertruck reservations per day

Tesla Cybertruck reservations have reached 2 million. A published report shows that potential buyers make more than 1,000 reservations for the electric pick-up every day.

Tesla’s electric pick-up continues to attract the attention of enthusiasts. The high number of bookings for Cybertruck every month revealed a strong demand for this extraordinary vehicle with futuristic design. Consumers have an unprecedented interest.

According to the latest data, the estimated number of Cybertruck reservations as of July 2023 has reached 1,943,876. For comparison, let’s point out that this figure was just over 1 million in May 2021. This shows that approximately 1,102 Cybertruck reservations have been made per day in the last two years.

How will Tesla deal with so many orders?

It remains to be seen how quickly the American automaker can cope with such high demand. Tesla reached an important milestone by exceeding the 1 million mark for the first time with 1,313,851 sales in 2022. This figure was 936,172 in 2021. That is an increase of 40 percent.

Cybertruck reservation

The current number of reservations for the electric pick-up has exceeded the number of vehicles sold through the entire Tesla dealer network in one year. The strong interest in Cybertruck is also due to the reservation conditions, where Tesla requires a refundable deposit of $100 from customers.

Tesla receives more than 1,000 Cybertruck reservations per day

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