IMEI Registration Extension Application Started: Not Everyone Can Benefit!

IMEI Registration Extension Application Started: Not Everyone Can Benefit!

Now, people who want to extend the IMEI registration period from 120 days to 180 days will be able to do this from e-Government. However, not everyone will be able to do it. Here are the details!

Last year, there was news that the 120-day usage period for phones coming from abroad would be increased to 180 days. However, we later learned that this was not exactly the case.

It was revealed that there was a decision covering people living abroad and bringing their phones from there to Turkey. Any decision to extend this period had not clearly turned into a transaction. However, yesterday, extension registration procedures on e-Government became available.

You Can Now Extend Your IMEI Period

Through e-Government, citizens residing abroad and bringing a phone with them can now extend their registration period up to 180 days twice for a period of thirty days. You can take advantage of this opportunity and extend your period before the device you already have expires.

As you know, with the new year, IMEI registration fees had also received a very high increase. The registration fees, which were 20,000 TL last time, increased to 31,692 TL as of January. It is not known whether the registration fee, which increased from 6.091 TL to 20.000 TL with a big jump, will be increased again this year.

If you want to find out whether the phone you are using is illegal or registered, the IMEI inquiry process can be easily done via e-Government.

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