How To View The Spotify Annual Summary? What is Wrapped?

How To View The Spotify Annual Summary? What is Wrapped?

Sweden-based music listening application Spotify shared its “2022 Wrapped” lists with users shortly before the new year. In the statement made on Twitter, “2022 Summary is here, where are you? Who are in your top 5?” Users can access the songs they listen to the most throughout the year in the “Spotify 2022 Summary” section. So what exactly is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify is in the limelight with “Wrapped,” an annual digital experience that explores the data of your musical tastes throughout the year. Wrapped, which is valid wherever you use it, offers its users a summary at the end of each year. This personalized summary provides statistics on listening habits such as top songs, albums and artists of the year.



SpotifyWrapped is a viral marketing campaign from Spotify. Launched in early December every year since 2016, the campaign invites Spotify users to compile and share data on their activities on the platform over the past year on social media.


While users can see the songs they listen to the most with SpotifyWrapped, they can also share their 2022 summaries with their friends via their social media accounts.



Spotify users can find the Spotify 2022 summary on Spotify’s home page and Spotify Wraped from the search section.

If the Spotify summary is not visible, it can be easily found after typing “2022” in the “Search” section.


So which song did you listen to the most this year? Let’s talk in the comments.

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