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How to Rent an Electric Scooter in Istanbul?

Turkey, a country that goes into a new time. Especially Istanbul, the real heart of this country.

In all countries in recent years, especially during the pandemic, it is time to develop an active lifestyle, people are beginning to pay more attention to their health. And of course they are looking for outdoor entertainment.

Istanbul is a city with lots of parks where you can have a great time in nature, and we have an idea for you how.

Electric scooter, one of the newest inventions of mankind. It’s fun, affordable, and great for an active lifestyle.

So How Do I Rent an Electric Scooter in Istanbul?

Electric Scooter

There are several applications, we recommend these 2:

Before renting an electric scooter, read the official rules:

  • Children under the age of 15 will not be able to use the services of companies providing electric scooters
  • The maximum speed of scooters should be limited at around 25 km/h
  • Electric scooters are allowed only on public roads and bike paths
  • Driving on pedestrian sidewalks is prohibited
  • It is forbidden to enter public transport with a scooter
  • Only one person can use the electric scooter

To use scooters, you need to install a mobile app for iOS or Android, the company that you liked.

Then, opening any application, you immediately see the map and can find a scooter on it or scan the QR code if you are already at the scooter.

The next step will be to link the payment card and contact information. It will be quite simple to do this, since all the information is basic.

You can unlock the physical lock on the scooter using a QR code or a password consisting of 4 digits provided by the application. After unlocking, you can start using the scooter and start your new journey!

A fee is charged immediately for the start of the trip and then the payment takes place every minute.

Therefore, it is quite easy to rent an electric scooter in Istanbul. Take a good mood with you and go ahead!

You can read this article in Russian language: Как арендовать электросамокат в Стамбуле?

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  1. All ID papers are not accepted and therefore the account will not be verified
    I asked the guy at the reception and he told me that it’s not allowed for foreigners

  2. Bin bin and Marti dont seem to work with a us number. What country was your phone number from?

  3. Hello i dowlnloaded the Marti app and entered all the details. But why it is not allowing me to use the application

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