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How to Make SGK Declaration for Foreign Workers in Turkey?

We’ve explained the main reasons for preference in investment and business areas onf Turkey in previous articles before. It is a legal obligation for foreigners who want to work legally in Turkey to have a valid work permit. According to the International Labor Law No. 6735, a foreigner cannot work in Turkey legally without a work permit. It is also compulsory for these employees to make SGK declaration. There are also some legal procedures for the correct declaration of the SGK of foreigners who have obtained a work permit. In this article, we will briefly talk about what should be known when foreign workers are making statement of employment.

Statement of Employment Periods

Unless otherwise stated in international agreements to which Turkey is a party, foreigners who will begin working in Turkey should have a valid work permit. Depending on certain force major reasons, the working period may not exceed one month and the work permit can be granted after the start working, provided that the relevant authority is informed before starting the work. Within 45 days beginning date in work permit, if the date of notification of the work permit document to the employer and the date of work permit are different, within 45 days from the date of notification of the work permit document to the employer, if the insured employment notification is submitted to the SGK, the declaration is deemed to be issued within the legal period. If the declaration is submitted in full within this 45 days, it will not be required that the date of employment and the date of the declaration be the same. Administrative fines are applied for statement of employment not made on time.

Residence Permit Procedures

According to the International Labor Force Law No. 6735 in Turkey, foreigners who have a valid work permit in Turkey are also considered to have residence permit. Foreigners are obliged to apply to the provincial police headquarters in order to obtain a residence permit with a work permit within 30 days from the date they receive their work permit cards in Turkey. After the application, there is a period of 15 days for the residence permit to be approved. In addition, residence permits that are not received by the foreigner within 1 month are canceled as of the application date.

Minimum Wages for Foreigners

First of all, the minumum wages for foreigners change according to the occupations and positions in Turkey.  As of 2024, the minimum wage applied in Turkey is 20.002,50 TL gross and 17.002,12 TL net. For example, wages are determined as 1.5 times the minimum wage for those working in the export, sales and marketing departments, 4 times the minimum wage for engineers and architects, and 6.5 times for senior managers and pilots. In SGK notifications, it is not possible to declare wages less than the minimum levels for these professions. You can learn all the details on this subject from our article on “Minimum Wages for Foreigners in Turkey“.

If you have any question about SGK declarations in Turkey, please send them on comment section below.

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  1. Hi.

    I am a legal foreign worker here for almost 8 years(continously). 1st employer 5years,2nd employer 2 years up to present. My employer pays my insurance.

    I am planning to go back home to Philippines and never come back here anymore. My question is, am i eligible for the refund d tax or contribution tax in my insurance?

    One of my colleague’s friend got 5000 dollar refund for 5 years working here in just 1 employer and being deposited in her own bank account.

    Please enlighten my mind for this benefits because it will help a lot for my kid’s future.


    1. Hello,

      In regards of this issue, I would advice you to visit Social Security İnstitution and check with them.

      Have a good day,

  2. hi can you explain us, what is SGK employment statement of the last workplace.

    1. Hello,

      For detailed information, kindly ask you to contact us by 444 7 284.

      Are you satisfied with the answers we have given to your questions? Ata Institutional Consuntancy would like to know your feedback. Please leave a comment on our page.

      1. Hi hello good i just want to ask how will i know if my old sigorta are they paid thank you please waiting your answer have a good night😊

        1. Hello,

          You can check it through e-devlet system whether your Social Security contributions were paid by company.

          Thank you,

          Are you satisfied with the answers we have given to your questions? ExpatGuideTurkey would like to know your feedback. Please leave a comment on our page:

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