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How to Become an AFAD Volunteer, What are the Conditions? Can Foreigners Living in Turkey Become AFAD Volunteers?

After the death toll in the earthquake increased to 6 thousand 957, many people search on search engines where and how to apply to become an AFAD volunteer. Details about the AFAD Volunteering System became a matter of curiosity. So, how to become an AFAD volunteer, what are the conditions? Here is the AFAD volunteer application screen and details investigated after the Kahramanmaras earthquake


The application requirements for becoming an AFAD volunteer have been published on the institution’s website.

AFAD volunteers to those who contribute to community service activities before, during and after disasters and emergencies by using their physical strength, time, knowledge, talent and experience with the desire to be beneficial to the society without any financial expectation, without considering their individual interests, in line with their own will, for the purpose of solidarity and cooperation. it’s called.

AFAD Volunteers are contacted when and where needed, and the volunteers who are available are assigned with the approval of acceptance.

Click for AFAD Volunteering Application


Anyone who is over the age of 15 and is a Turkish citizen can become a basic AFAD volunteer. In order to participate in Support AFAD Volunteer trainings, it is necessary to be over the age of 18.
Volunteering applications are received via e-government.

Applications to the AFAD Volunteering System are received via e-government, and applicants are directed to the volunteering screen on AFAD’s website via SMS and e-mail. Volunteer candidates can follow the training, activities and tasks within the scope of the volunteering system through the volunteering portal.

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  1. Would love to come and help my brothers and sisters, salam from Bosnia, we’re praying for you <3

  2. O Allah, help the people of Turkey. Please help them overcome this difficult calamity. Amen….. Amen. It would be great if I could involve myself in rescuing people affected by the earthquake as a volunteer. May Allah help them. Amen Amen..
    Obaidul Hoque Ripon
    From Bangladesh .

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