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How Should Hair Care Be Done in Autumn?

Summer is over, the weather is getting colder. Many problems can occur in hair that is exposed to UV rays both in seasonal transitions and in summer months. Even if no damage occurs, the hair gets tired in this process. This fatigue in the hair occurs with reactions such as reaching a lifeless appearance and shedding. So, how is hair care done against these reactions in autumn?

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Hair Care in Autumn

The salty water of the sea, the chlorine of the pool, the UV rays, the suddenly cold air and the hair that cannot stand the change of seasons… Especially with these effects, problems such as decreased shine and hair loss are common. If you are also exposed to these effects in your hair, what you need to do is to create an autumn care. In autumn care

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  • Do not wash your hair often

Washing your hair every day can increase the damage done. Because hair also needs its own natural oils. At this stage, you should wash your hair every two days.

  • Feed your hair

To eliminate the negative conditions in your hair, you need to provide nourishing care to your hair. You can take care of yourself by taking advantage of strengthening shampoos that help to give shine weekly.

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  • Take care against spills

Shedding is one of the most common hair problems in late summer and seasonal changes. You should change your shampoo and use a product that can provide anti-shedding care for your hair loss problem. You can also benefit from anti-shedding hair lotions and masks. One of the products frequently used at this stage is food supplements. You can support your care by using supplements.

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  • Take care of dandruff

One of the other problems that are frequently encountered in seasonal changes is dandruff. Dandruff is one of the problems that affect daily life. Because dandruff, in the form of white powder, does not create a pleasant appearance on both hair and clothes.

So, do you have a hair care routine for the autumn season? What are you doing to prepare your hair for autumn?

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