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Perfect coverage: Ombre concealer trend

Perfect coverage: Ombre concealer trend

TikTok, which plays a major role in the birth and spread of beauty trends to the masses, is changing our make-up habits with a new trend. Here are the curiosities about the new beautytrend “ombre concealer” …

The beauty trend “Ombre concealer”, which we often see on social media nowadays, promises to cover the dark circles under the eyes and give you a brighter look. Here are the details of the “Ombre concealer” make-up trend…

Ombre concealer trend


The aim of the “Ombreconcealer” trend, which is made using concealer and liquid blush, is to cover, brighten and give an innocent look to the skin with a single application.

To apply the “ombre concealer”, a concealer with an illuminating effect, a concealer suitable for your skin and two different coloured blushes will help you.

This technique, which creates a natural shine and luminous effect, starts by dotting under your eyes with the products you have for this make-up. First with the lightest concealer tone close to the inner corners, then with a darker tone in the middle and finally ending with the blush you prefer in the outermost corner.

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