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5 Skin Problems in Autumn and Their Solutions

Weather change unfortunately causes skin problems. Your skin can react sharply to sudden temperature drops and different daily routines. We explored 5 skin problems and solutions that emerged in the fall.

1. Skin Dryness and Sensitivity

One of the most important things you should pay attention to during the seasonal transitions is facial care. The skin, which becomes dry and sensitive with the change of air, may appear irritated, dry and flaky. By replenishing your moisturizer with stronger formulas or by getting support from rescue masks, you can calm and heal your distressing skin. In addition to all these, you can also try steam baths that will relax and pamper your skin.

2. Rozasea

Rosacea, which is a problem with capillaries, can be triggered in the skin that becomes sensitive and unbalanced by air change, or if you have this complaint, the alarm level may increase. After consulting your dermatologist, you can get support from specially formulated products that nourish your skin, shield against harsh factors and relieve inflammation on the skin.

Skin Problems

3. Body Dryness and Tissue Disorder

The drying effect of cold air also manifests itself in the body. For this reason, choose your body care products that you replace with lotions in the summer from cream formulas in the new season. You can also use scrubs, dry brushing and body scrubs to quickly remove tissue damage and even skin. Also, although a hot shower feels good during this period, high heat can cause the skin to dry out. For this reason, it is beneficial to leave your bath routine at warmer degrees.

Skin Problems

4. Dandruff Problem

Your scalp is also affected by the changing climate. The scalp, which can be oilier in the summer, can produce bacteria and fungi; In addition to all this, cold weather can also dry out your scalp. The dandruff problem that increases with these factors can get out of control. Even your eyebrows can suffer without dandruff. Shampoos, lotions and sprays: Consult your dermatologist to find the right solution for seasonal dandruff.

Skin Problems

5. Dry Lips

The skin of the lips is the most sensitive area of ​​your face, along with the area around your eyes. No wonder the lips, which react to even the slightest changes, are affected by the huge difference in air temperature. For your chapped and sore lips, throw a balm in your makeup bag to refresh during the day. You can also get support from lip masks for extra care.

Skin Problems

It is quite normal for us to experience skin problems in various parts of our body when the weather starts to get cold. However, it is quite simple to find a solution to the skin problems experienced. What are your experiences?

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