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How Long Does it Take for International Protection Applications to be Completed in Turkey?

Firstly, you should know that foreigners kept under administrative detention in Repetration centers have the right to apply for international protection if the required conditions are met. According to the laws in force in Turkey, international protection applications can be evaluated in two different ways. One of them is the normal method while the other is the accelerated method. In both of these applications, application requests are received and a decision is made as a result of the interviews. In applications made in the accelerated procedure, both the evaluation and objection periods are shorter than the normal procedure.

In the following cases, the Immigration Administration may consider evaluating your application in the accelerated procedure,

  • If your application was made after the deportation decision about you;
  • If it is thought that you have maliciously stored or lost your documents for identification,
  • If you want to re-apply after your application is considered “withdrawn” because you left your province of residence without permission,
  • If you have not shown any information or document that you are not able to return to your country of citizenship at the time of application.

If your application has been approved by the Immigration Administration for accelerated evaluation, an interview must be made within 3 days at the latest and a final decision must be made within 5 days at the latest. In addition, applying for international protection does not directly remove administrative detention. As a result of the evaluation to be made at the end of the application, a final decision will be made about your international protection application.

If you have questions about the deadlines for your international protection applications in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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